Wind and Clouds: Ecclesiates 11:4

Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NIV)

I'm a writer and a dreamer.

Sitting in my porch chair, I gaze past freshly cut grass to gently moving water. Beyond that, above the houses on the other side of the pond, massive trees stretch leaf-covered branches to a tender blue sky dotted with white wisps barely touched by a summer breeze.

I sit in silence, my thoughts as lazy as the clouds.
Glorifying God for His creation.
Dreaming of the future.
Pondering characters and storylines.
Asking “what if?”

It’s a restful time, an important time.

But as inspiring, as needful, as it is, it will not get one single word on the page.

For that, I – we – need to turn our eyes toward our screens, place our fingers on our keyboards, and write.

Only then, will we plant and will we reap.

Our Father, we love Your world. We love to watch the wind as it rustles leaves, bends grass blades, and ripples waves. We love to watch clouds as they transform into imagined shapes and decorate the lovely blue sky.

But as much as we love to stare transfixed at Your handiwork, we know that such musings will only get us so far. To be the writers You wish us to be, to use the talents You favored us with, we must write. Whether with keyboards and screens, pencil and paper, we write the stories You have graciously given us. And we are grateful for the ideas, the words, the characters You allow to grow within our hearts and minds as we watch the wind and look at the clouds.


Patricia Bradley said...

Love your prayer. There is a time for musing, but then there is a time for working.

Johnnie Donley said...

Thanks, Pat. I love this passage.

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