Sunday, March 09, 2014

Alpacas: You Can't Have Just One!

Our five alpacas on a wintry March day.

We only wanted one four-legged lawnmower to control the yard and pasture. A big-eyed, long-lashed, fuzzy alpaca.

But come to find out . . . you can't have just one!

Being alone is too lonely for these herd animals.

So we decided to get two.

We found a breeding pair, General and Lady, on Craigslist and contacted the seller. They'll be coming to The Keep in a few weeks.
General, our herdsire (arriving in a few weeks)

Meanwhile, we learned that the guys and gals can't always stay together. We needed to find friends for our pair so we checked out Craigslist again.

This time we found two mommy/cria pairs: Sassafras and her nine-month-old boy Starr, and Autumn and her three-month-old boy Winter. They've been here at The Keep for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

Lady Di (arriving in a few weeks)
Instead of one alpaca, we now have four and two more to come.

But wait . . . we saw another ad on Craigslist for a pregnant alpaca who was living with goats. And a donkey. That just didn't seem right so she came to The Keep last weekend. We call her Merry.

Latest Count: Two mommas and their boys, a female and her unborn babe, and a breeding pair still to come.

Seven plus.

'Cause you can't have just one!


Patricia Bradley said...

Love this. I must come see the Alpacas!

Kathy C. said...

I expect to see these in a future book.

Johnnie Donley said...

Pat, I'd love for you to visit.

Kathy, I'm trying to figure out how to do that!

Ceil said...

Hi Johnnie! I am coming over from Jean's blog.

My husband has a dream of owning alpacas or llamas some day. How big is your place? I would imagine you'd need a pretty big space.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Johnnie Donley said...

Ceil, thanks so much for hopping over from Jeanie. Alpacas don't need a lot of room. We have about four acres and that's more than enough. Because of their teeth and hooves, they're gentler on land than horses and other livestock. They're curious (even nosy) and each one has a different personality. Tell your husband to grab hold of that dream!

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